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15-Day Free Gift of Wellness Collection Bundle

15-Day Free Gift of Wellness Collection Bundle The 15-Day Free Gift to the BrainTap Pro App is designed to give you a way to try the BrainTap Pro App at no risk and with no obligations. As an added bonus, you can purchase the Wellness Collection Bundle at any time during the 15-Days and get an additional 30-Days for just .99 cents.

BrainTap Headset Retail Quick Buy Link

The retail BrainTap headset is a great way for you to elevate your BrainTap Pro App experience with the use of the BrainTap headset.

Join BTAP 200 Down and 50 per Month

The Join BTAP Program, it’s an exclusive offer that gives you $100 off the BrainTap headset and 24 months of access to our 400+ clinically-tested sessions for just $200 down and $50 per month plus shipping and handling. This exclusive offer includes a two-year extended warranty on the headset and multi-device capability. Available on up to 5 devices and 5 plays per device per day.